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Clinical Skincare

GM Collin is a results-oriented clinical skincare line that really delivers with a synergistic protocol of in-studio treatments, together with at-home reinforcement.

Series: An intensive treatment program, compressed for a quicker WOW result. Great when preparing for a big event such as class reunion, wedding, or done as a seasonal pick-me-up.

Maintenance: Once monthly clinical treatments to assess and address your skin’s needs.

Please note that when undergoing a Series of treatments that incorporate a Clinical Peel, use of the proper home care post treatment products is mandatory. All Series’ include a free GM Collin Discovery Kit and BB Cream (est. value $95).
Stem Cell Facial

A cutting-edge treatment that utilizes plant stem cells and peptides to remarkably reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and deliver spectacular results.  This treatment is designed to promote cellular vitality and longevity, reversing the visible signs of aging.

$185 per session
$740 series (one session a week for four weeks)

A non-invasive anti-aging procedure that combines Retinol with 5 peptides to relax and reduce the appearance of expression lines, stimulate collagen production, and strengthen the dermis. Can be used as an alternative to, or to prolong the effects of cosmetic injections.

$185 per session
$740 series (one session a week for four weeks)

Formulated to dramatically reduce the appearance of aging, intensively hydrate skin, and improve collagen regeneration and healing. Perfect for prepping for/or healing skin after peels or surgeries. Up to 35% reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after a series, with use of proper home care.

$185 per session
$925 series (five sessions for seven weeks)
Sea C Spa

A 15% Vitamin C serum, seaweed, and thermal heilmoor clay, work to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and fight free radicals. Ideal for preventive anti-aging and pre/post sun exposure, and for those who live in urban areas with high pollution levels.

$185 per session
$740 series (one session a week for four weeks)

An intense hydrating and lifting treatment that delivers short and long term benefits to the skin. Perfect for before special occasions or when travelling. Known as “face lift in a box”.

$175 per session
$700 series (one session a week for four weeks)

An oxygenating and detoxifying treatment. Has healing properties, balances oil secretions and gives a brightening effect. Great for oily and acne-prone skin, but beneficial for all skin types. Gentle enough for active acneic conditions.

$175 per session
$875 series (one session a week for five weeks)

Creates a cooling effect on skin, decongests, soothes and boosts absorption by up to 20%. Algae extracts reduce redness and leave the skin radiant. Great for all skin conditions, including rosacea and acneic.

$175 per session
Specialized Clnical Peel

Four different peels to customize your treatment according to your skin condition and objectives, without the downtime of a traditional peel. All formulations will intensely exfoliate the skin, promote cell renewal, improve the skin’s texture, reduce signs of aging and dullness, and brighten the complexion.  Series objectives include the treatment of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Deep Lines and Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Mild Acne without Scarring, and Severe Acne with or without Scarring.  Use of proper home care treatment products and SPF is mandatory.

This mini treatment does not include massage or mask.  For best results, it is recommended in a Series, but is also a great pick-me-up between regularly scheduled full treatments.

$80.00 per session
$480 series (one session a week for six weeks)

Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes.