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GM Collin

gm_collin_product-lemons1Why GM Collin?

In 1957, GM Collin was founded in France by a dermatologist and an esthetician.  They pioneered in the use of collagen pellicules to treat severe burns in the skin.
Today, the GM Collin dermo-corrective skin care line is developed and manufactured in Montreal, and has been since 1991.  They have reformulated the original line and adapted it to the North American needs and climate.

At GM Collin, research and development is a major part of their daily duties, as they are continually improving and creating products.  GM Collin integrates ingredients derived from natural plant and marine sources, mixed with some modern technology to deliver exceptional results.

GM Collin complies with current pharmaceutical standards and manufacturing regulations to offer the client superior quality and carefully controlled batches for consistency.  Still, they respect the environment and never test on animals.  They have even come out with a Bio Organic line that contains between 74-99% Certified Organic and natural ingredients.  GM Collin not only keeps up with the latest breakthrough technology, they often are the first to come out with innovative uses and combinations of ingredients that deliver superior results.